Is Politics a great career move?

It depends on who you are asking and what lies in current situation of modern politics. Many have a habit of asking if becoming a politician is great for their future. This question is more subjective than ever when you see the current situation of Pakistan’s politics. Some say government jobs in Pakistan is a much better bet but this saying might not be the actual truth. This is why we are going to do a brief expound on the features of politics and perhaps answer your question about joining it as a full-time career.


What if you really want to join politics for truth and justice?


Things in Pakistan are not black or white so much as it is more grey all around in Pakistan. It means nothing is straightforward in Pakistan and this is what might back you in a corner. Otherwise, Government jobs in Pakistan relating to politics or politics itself are excellent career moves than any other thing. It is more co-dependent on a whole of other variables.


What are these aforementioned variables?


Like we have said before, politics is a game where everything subjective, so if someone has a good eye for that then by all means go for this career move. But if to so happens to be the case where one is very down to earth and knows nothing about human nature then a job or participation in politics should be avoided?


When it should be avoided?


When someone who has no actual interest (going in it due to family pressure) or is not cut-out for it (has no idea how political science works in reality) than it should be avoided at all costs. Government jobs in Pakistan are a better option in this context.


Why you should be going for it?


If you have always been interested in it, then you will have a vested interest in getting into politics. That way you are more than capable for handling the ups and downs of careers relating to politics. No one is stopping (but your own effort if its dire) from joining it if your interest is real, especially if it is the case that your read political science in university and have been active in it as a hobby and since childhood (like in school’s elections).




Like we have said before, the idea of joining politics is and always will be subjective as it means it will be different for everybody how they feel about politics and that is what constitutes as the detrimental factor behind your intention and your success in politics. There is no coming around it and you can never found another solution for it. Everyone should be aware of it, especially parents who might be forcing something onto their children. Politics is a game that should be more concerned with inherent interest not the other way around. Perhaps, this is the type of thinking that can bring end to the consistent political dynasties of Pakistan.




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