For years the Pakistani education has been breeding substandard graduates who cannot speak legible English. Much of it is due to the professional culture that Pakistan’s rich and powerful dwell in. Instead of finding merit and talent, larger focus is put on nepotism and traditional feudalism. A hard worker has to be hell bent on getting the job he or she not just wants but needs. Merit takes a back seat and politics take front seats in the nation of Pakistan. It then rather interferes with how Pakistan’s young population is educated. We are going to ask questions that relate to how the professional culture of Pakistan permeates sham practices in education institutions of Pakistan. Perhaps, we can also talk about How to apply for jobs in Pakistan!


The educators put focus on money

Public education is a mess due to inefficiency in public fund allocation which is probably manipulated from the get-go (most like by second-rate bureaucracy). It can be sought out by the means of putting honest and capable individuals on the postings of senior government jobs in Pakistan! So, what about the private education in Pakistan. Well these institutions are able to secure the future (even with unethical practices) because people behind these institutions are themselves individuals who are rich and work in powerful positions or have connections that are powerful. This is why they are free to practice their brand of management (usually unethical) in their privately-owned institutions! This is why these become expensive and unaffordable by most of the general public residing in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is mostly poor.

What does this have to do with Pakistan’s education?

You are probably wondering why the question of how to apply for jobs or even get the latest jobs in Pakistan has to do with anything relating the sub-par education of Pakistan. It does actually and it painfully relates to how merit is overtaken by aristocracy and imperial/feudal influences or practices. You see, the positions that become vacant, especially in the Government end up with people who have recommendations and a powerful ones at that. One really has to fight to get a job if powerful people are involved. The jobs are almost never filled by people who are qualified to do it.

The institutions just need to have “good enough” faculty at public schools. This puts strain on the education of pupils of these public education institutions and a domino effect, the education becomes substandard. Therefore, one is able to say that the education system of Pakistan is a sham. New jobs in other industries  are not created by essentially taken by individuals who only have connections.


A transparent hiring process is absolutely necessary, especially in the education sector. Educational jobs in Lahore (in its public education sector) should especially be focused upon when it comes to accountability. If qualified faculty is hired, it is sensible to say that the very least, education will become a lot better than before.



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