Is CSS Worth the Effort?

CSS isn’t just your usual run of the mill competitive examination as it is the most competitive exam in Pakistan. A lot of aspirants will ask if it is really the worth the effort as passing this examination is rare as securing an admission in Harvard, one of the most selective universities in the world. For many, it’s latest jobs can make a life. But is it really worth for putting all that effort and going all war-footing on this process? So, what about it? Should you really go for it and try your luck if you have heard horror stories of how people wasted their life on it? Let’s find out:

CSS Shouldn’t be your Final Destination!

Yes, CSS (Central Superior Services) jobs are the government jobs in Pakistan that are coveted by the mass public and it is coveted for a reason. The perks alone can put a smile on your face and the experience you get from it can be applied to anywhere in the world, for which employers abroad will jump on the chance to hire you.

But do remember that CSS is essentially a ‘Hail Mary’ of sorts because it is unpredictable and nothing can prepare you for its unpredictability. For that you should know that you should always have a backup plan for falling back on when CSS works out!

Believe in your Education

Your plan B should be based on the education you get during your university years. It should be something relating to you want to do rest of life, you know something that relates your passion and is also commercially viable (for the sake of your sustenance). Instead of asking around how to apply for jobs, you should focus on education as jobs will arrive in droves if your education is of the right kind and this can be true for the new jobs too.

When you should really go Government job!

The main thing you should have, when you are going for jobs in Pakistan relating to CSS, is stability, more specifically mental stability but can be professional too. This way you will be in a greater state of mind to appear for this competitive examination as otherwise your head will catch fire (metaphorically!) during the examination. It is because you will not be able to handle the simultaneous pressure of keeping up with professional/mental instability and the pressure of taking this exam.

Instead be in a calm state of mind and then only appear for this exam as it will give you a better chance in surviving this kind of examination. Instead of putting on a “Hail Mary”, you should be planning ahead and at least a year ahead of the exam data you are going to appear on. There are other jobs in Pakistan, that are if similar nature but are much easier to get. Lean how to apply for jobs like these if you want professional stability first. Otherwise if you are not taken up mentally then you should go for CSS.

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