Is CSS an indicator of falling standards of education system in Pakistan?


It has been a noisy clamor or moreover a cry for help by the general public and enthusiastic educationists that the standard of education is falling in Pakistan. It is a downward spiral, where its education system is headed and if something is not done for a solution, the system might get lost in abyss for an indefinite time and the system will be churning out substandard graduates. In absence of credible measures of education in Pakistan, CSS Exam (or Central Superior Services) has long been considered an alternative measure of how strong Pakistan’s educated base is. Unfortunately, there has been a steady fall in its passing rate too which signals an underlying danger. If education is affected, you may stop asking the question how to apply for jobs as there will not be any available. Let’s find out how CSS is a good indicator of our education standards overall.


Does it have to be the measure of education in Pakistan?

As mentioned before, people informally use it in absence of actual measures even though it is not an accurate measure in any way. People attach prestige to CSS jobs in Pakistan and hail it as a great measure of raw intelligence too but in actuality the background is completely different. This competitive examination is more grounded in rote learning and essentially serves an ideology whose metanarrative has roots in traditional bureaucracy. They want sheep not intelligent gentlemen (and women) who form their own opinions. Not all government jobs in Pakistan are like this. This is why it should not be a measure of the education system in Pakistan. It should not matter if you are asking how to apply for jobs that relate to CSS but you should rather ask why apply for new jobs like these.


Why it is still considered a measure of the education system of Pakistan?

As a measure it might not be accurate but it does tell a story of its own about the education system of Pakistan. The passing rates in the past decade has been falling considerably and it does not tell a good story about our graduates. The breadth of available universities may have been increasing but the graduates, which these universities churn out on a regular basis are highly substandard. Some are unable to even speak legible English Language properly. No wonder the latest passing rate of the recent CSS examination is underwhelming. The passing rate was around 2% last year and this is just dismal.



It is sufficient to say that CSS is not an accurate measure of the capability of education in Pakistan.  It is also enough to say that Pakistan’s education is indeed diving towards a downward trajectory. It is going to affect latest jobs in Pakistan, even jobs in Lahore, its reigning metropolis which now puts a huge question mark on the future of this country. Hopefully, it is able to digs its way out of this problem of education in the near future like it has done before.






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