Lately, it has been talk of the town because of its portrayal in the Pakistan’s drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa, which is a drama about 4 young gentleman coming from different walks of life. It has a lot of significance as it has been creating high ratings on Pakistan’s favorite channel Hum TV and is produced by ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations), which is Pak Army’s PR wing. Just recently, it made Twitterati rather furious as they went bombastic on the drama and lambasted how completely wrong the induction of one of the main characters in Civil Service inside the drama was. Pakistan has a lot of young and impressionable minds and how something is portrayed in fiction can change how they view things. Unrealistic expectations can be made and the consequences can be detrimental. One can end up having unrealistic expectations about one’s education, one’s thinking about how to apply for jobs or moreover, how to apply for government jobs in Pakistan


What actually happened?

There is a lot of time sacrificed for preparing to take an exam to get into civil service. Most well-known exam of this kind is the CSS exam, and the twitter people, especially people who had been through this type of examination nit-picked every detail about how it was portrayed in the aforementioned serial. They pinpointed the fact that the character who was preparing for the CSS exam, was able to complete it in just two months while in fact the actual time spent on this kind of exam is thorough and rather weighty. Experts on the subject matter said the initial preparation for the CSS exam should be around at least one year and that is for people who are already well-versed in their subjects of CSS throughout their university days. It is where education also becomes important but the drama wasted no time in make this glaring mistake. Therefore, future aspirants may have difficulty when the find their expectations shattered that were essentially created by said drama serial. They will have a hard time when they go on to apply for latest jobs and will also have difficulty in answering a question like this: How to apply for jobs?


What does this all pertains to?

Like we have said before, misinterpretation of something can lead to wrong expectations by the general public. This is why the artists behind the medium of art should make a careful lookout for better research. Many of the people creating a backlash on Twitter are actually serving or retired civil services with considerable experience of the job. So, whenever the people behind the screen of this type of artistic endeavors make a show about something that is real and integral to the society, they should do careful research.


Applying for jobs in Pakistan as whole and even in one of its main cities like new jobs in Lahore can rather be difficult when the wrongful information overloads from sources that are considered to be reliable. Therefore, an army backed drama serial should be more conservative with its research and factual truth.



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