International Scholarships for International Students in USA

International Scholarships for International Students in USA

Rozee News offers latest news updates about national and international scholarships. In this post, Rozee News offers the latest scholarships notification of international scholarships for international students in USA. The LGBT Resource Center awards scholarships to students (undergraduate or graduate) each spring semester with funds provided by our generous donors. Those students who are committed to supporting LGBTQIA+ communities will be recognized as outstanding students and will be awarded.

International Scholarships for International Students in USA Benefits

  • Master, Bachelor
  • Amount of awards: $2,000 – $3,500
  • Last date for apply 22 February, 2022


  • You must be a currently enrolled student at the University of Utah (undergraduate or graduate) OR an incoming student who has completed at least one semester at another university or college.
  • Must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Financial need will be considered in the selection process. Recipients will need to complete a FAFSA process to receive the scholarship. Applicants with questions or concerns about this can contact our office.
  • Recipients must complete the HB 144 affidavit to receive the scholarship. This grants are available to undocumented/DACA schoolchildren who have graduated high school, as well as international students. Those Applicants who have any question can contact directly to the office.
  • Previous RC LGBT Scholarship winners may reapply. first time applicants will be given Priority

Application Requirements

  • Application Questions (250 words or less per answer):
    • How do you currently support the LGBTQIA+ community? What efforts do you plan to start or expand in the future? Please reference any involvement you are already doing in this regard, including activism, volunteering, academic work, art or cultural work, supporting others, self-preservation, etc.
    • What is your current educational plan (major, minor, future career, etc.) and what are you doing to ensure that you are successful in this plan as a student?
    • What would receiving this scholarship mean to you? What if you achieve your goals?
    • Anything else you want the committee to consider when reviewing your application.
  • Unofficial copy of most recent transcript in PDF format
  • Last date for application February 22, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (MST)

How to Apply for LGBT Resource Scholarships

The interested applicants must click on below link on account to apply online.

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