How Pakistan’s Education and Jobs fares with neighboring countries?


Pakistan’s education system and its jobs market is in a dismal state and we already knew this much. It essentially has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. Many already know that and many also think that it is going to continue its faltered state for an indefinite period of time, well into the future. The real question is that how well (or low) does other neighboring countries do in this regard. Perhaps, this can better for telling us how to apply for jobs efficiently or to make these systems of job-seeking or education better. We will do this by looking at systems of other countries.


What are other countries in the contexts of latest jobs and education?

Illiteracy rate may still be low for a country like India (as it is an economic powerhouse) but still, comparatively India is much better than what is happening in Pakistan. And by the way, this comparison was inevitable. India’s literacy, as of now, stands at 73.04 %. It is incredibly high when compared to Pakistan, which currently stands at 58 % for the entire nation when even the state of Bihar, which is India’s state with the lowest literacy rate but still it has a higher rate than what Pakistan has. This affects how we find our new jobs, which demands good education, which is only good when the literacy rate is high. This also affects how one find government jobs in Pakistan, which demand higher standards of education

Others like Nepal and Bangladesh also fares well when compared to Pakistan. Both Nepal and Bangladesh stand at 64 % and 62 %, respectively and this is also considering the fact that these countries have huge and booming populations compared to relative size of their lands.


What is the reasoning behind such a low literacy rate of Pakistan?

Lower focus on the education of female population, misallocation of funds, under-qualified teachers, bad teacher to student ratios and absence of viable educational infrastructure are some of the reasons. If this goes on like this, then things will be more sour in the future. There will be no latest jobs available if there will be no job market as education will keep on producing substandard graduates because there is no clear focus on the education system of Pakistan.

What can be done and what have others done in this regard?

Instead of asking around about how to apply for jobs, one should focus on raising awareness about dour state of education system in Pakistan. Others made an effort to improve the infrastructure of educational institutions, improved the capabilities of teachers and reduced the bad teacher to student ratio whilst also improved on the job market by creating more jobs so students were more motivated to study. If Pakistan is able imitate even some of things, it will be able to make great stride in the educational industry.

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