Central Superior Services or as it is affectionately called CSS by its aspirants is the only entry point for marquee government jobs in Pakistan. It is considered to be the best of competitive examinations, which can gain you a highly coveted job in the federal government of Pakistan. Passing rate of the competitive examination stands at 2 % (as only 2 percent of the population who applied were able to pass this exam last year). Last year’s passing rate of CSS was lower than the admission rate of Harvard University which is one of the most selective universities of the world. The kind of degree you have plays a big role in getting a job through CSS. Here, we are going to talk about how to apply for jobs through CSS with your own degree.

Where to begin?


Preparing for CSS can get tiring extremely quickly even if you are highly motivated to go through it the whole way. The breadth and weight of the syllabus can be the whole syllabi of a bachelor’s level degree and this is just one subject that we are talking about. It gets more extensive when it gets to other subjects, which are also taken for this kind of exam. Hence, your degree really matters a lot even if CSS is taken in a generalized context. Perhaps, choosing subjects which relates to your degree may very well be beneficial for you if you want to take up this type of government jobs in Pakistan.

Selecting your subject


There is a running theory that subject selection should be dependent on the scoring trend. There might be certain truth to it but it is not necessary. This theory was probably cooked by those who thought that there was and still is relative marking in CSS. If that was the case, then education would not matter for these new jobs of CSS in the first place and why it is the case that the interview panel always ask questions relating to your education. The grounded theory should be that there is existence of scoring trend but some of the subject selection should also be based on your education. Imagine it yourself, why would you go for something you have never read than the subject or major you have been reading for 4 years in university, so why not go for it as you already are trained for it.

If CSS is your thing, then why not go a social science degree?


Has it been the case that you planned to do the latest jobs of CSS all along. By coincidence if you are still in school then why not go for a social science degree in university, perhaps something like political science. Instead of how to apply for jobs anywhere, you should become hell bent on asking how to do a social science but you will still be trained in something that relates CSS already. CSS jobs in Pakistan are in demand and people will respect you more when you pass it. Having a related degree will better your chances of passing.








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