Can the education system of Pakistan help in job seeking?

Since the 1980s, Pakistan’s education system has been on a downward spiral. It looks like it will go way under before it has to rise again, that is if it will do that. We do not know who to blame but it can be said that less focus is put on quality education and more on the plundering of resources. These two reasons may be the defining factors of Pakistan’s educational downfall. The low literacy rates are indeed low. Perhaps, this is due to the low spending of the country’s gross domestic product on education, which is at 2%. The statistics are rather depressing but that does not mean measures are not being put into place to cater to the problem of education. One of the ways education in Pakistan can rise is how the system educates fresh graduates for job seeking. Basically, we are going to discuss some points, which may teach readers about how to apply for jobs.

Career Counseling

One of the main ingredients of better job prospects is career counseling, which is always provided in-house by the very educational institutions students are studying in. Career counseling always has a domino effect. When a student is counseled the right way, that student ends up earning more. The said earning goes into his or her children’s education, which in turn increases the children’s literacy. Perhaps, this may very well be a simple explanation but bare with us for a second. What if this type of thing went on in our private and public institutions, so as a result more people were getting better jobs with higher pay. Onward, they did well for their children’s education. Thus, this way the literacy rate could go up. As a result, new jobs will be available due to people having more money, which can lead to new startups. Job seeking becomes ten times better when career counseling is involved.


Educating on trivial matters

Finding the latest jobs in your city or finding one in a different institution can be a tiresome task. You might be looking for jobs in Lahore or government jobs in Pakistan as a whole. A lot of times candidates will fuss over trivial matters when finding a job. Seekers can stress over a tiny bit of detail that may not seem necessary. Something along the lines of salary is low or the office does not look good. Education institutions should educate the students for these types of things.

Educating on job seeking techniques

It is of the essence that education institutions also focus on helping graduating students on the virtues of how to apply for jobs or how to get the latest jobs. Organise job fairs/workshops, tell them how to write a resume or a cover letter and things like how to dress well for a job. Things like these are absolutely necessary for job seeking in Pakistan, so educational institutions should educate on these techniques. Perhaps, this is one of the best ways about how to apply for jobs in Pakistan.




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