Bank of Khyber Foree Car Loan 2021

Bank of Khyber offers a foree car loan to the desired person who has low income. The BOK foree car loan procedure is easy and hassle free for foree car recipients. Customers can receive their car remittance without any fees or taxes, with complete peace of mind and being able to withdraw their funds within Pakistan via check book or any ATM.

Bank of Khyber Car Loan Scheme Name

  • Bank of Khyber “Foree Car” Finance

Bank of Khyber Foree Car Loan Eligibility Criteria

  1. Have a valid National Computerized Identity Card (CNIC)
  2. The age limit for this financing is from 21 to 55 years for the employed person and from 21 to 60 years for the employer.
  3. Minimum 3 years in business / service.
  4. The minimum monthly income will be eighteen thousand only (PKR 18,000 / -).
  5. Minimum initial payment of twenty percent (20%) of the invoice value.

Bank of Khyber Foree Car Loan Target Customers

  • All salaried employees of governmental, semi-governmental, self-employed organizations, whether in national / multinational companies and also fixed-term employees of UN agencies and foreign embassies
  • Professionals and self-employed entrepreneurs.

Bank of Khyber Foree Car Loan Amount

  • The loan amount will be a maximum of 2.5 million PKR.

BOK Car Loan Repayment Period of Loan

  • The repayment term will be a maximum of five (5) years.

BOK Foree Car Loan Others Details

  • Mandatory life and vehicle insurance.
  • Imported unregistered vehicle can also be financed based on SBP RP requirement.
  • The vehicle that has a Joint Registration.
  • The partial and premature adjustments allowed.
  • The loan will also be available in Islamic financing modality.

How to Apply for BOK Foree Car Loan Scheme

The interested applicants must visit the nearest Bank of Khyber branch and fulfill the car loan application form along with required documents and submit it to branch manager.

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